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About Lift Everest

I have one simple philosophy – lift weights to lose weight! With the combined benefits of sound nutrition, a healthy mind, and quality time spent beneath a squat rack, women can lose weight and gain the best body of all – a healthy body. Yet online fitness information for women can be confusing, conflicting, and sometimes just plain wrong. My approach cuts out the web-based waffle. Are you fed up with articles that tell you to do 100 sit-ups a day to gain “6 pack abs”? Are you sick of so-called “fat burning workouts” that involve running 5 miles on the treadmill? I definitely was.

Lift Everest was borne out of my growing frustration. I am frustrated that all too often women are being subjected to needlessly long and inefficient training sessions. I am tired of seeing women become discouraged when all their hard work has little to no effect. I offer effective, efficient, and engaging training sessions grounded in compound exercises, not endless sessions on the cross-trainer. Only this way can my clients experience the best possible results from their training.

There are a lot of misconceptions about weight training. In gyms, there is a belief that free-weight training is only for men, and that women should stick to the treadmills. In wider society, there is a fear that weight training will make women bulk-out and look masculine. I want to smash those stereotypes. My mission is to empower women to lose weight through weight training. My goal is to educate women that weight lifting is an enjoyable and effective way to burn fat whilst toning their bodies.

What is Lift Everest? Lift Everest is a safe, welcoming space for those who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle. Lift Everest is the place where you can make enquiries about my personal training services, and access my online coaching services. Lift Everest is where I will be sharing fortnightly blog posts related to fitness and health, to keep all of my clients updated on the latest research, theories and trends from the fitness world. Whether you’re seeking the inspiration that you’ve somehow lost along your fitness journey, or even if you’re taking your very first steps into fitness, you are in the right place.

About the founder

I am Maryam, and I am a fully-qualified personal trainer and Hatton boxing instructor based in Reading, UK. I offer individualised coaching, in person and online, that supports women to lose weight and develop a healthy, positive relationship with food. As a mother, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a fitness program and lose weight; as a qualified fitness professional, I have the knowledge and skills to support clients to overcome the physical and psychological barriers to weight loss. I founded Lift Everest in 2018 to provide a much-needed platform where women can access recent, relevant, and accurate information on a broad range of fitness topics.